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  • 360-degree feedback is a process of receiving feedback from people across the organisational hierarchy (managers, peers, subordinates) and analysing it vis-a-vis one’s self assessment. A 360 degree feedback is a popular tool for running successful performance appraisals. It’s a great way to assess employee competencies, performance & work behaviour. read more

  • Personality Tests are among the popular tools used by companies for hiring the best talent. However, there are several myths about such psychometric tests that often tend to mislead organisations. Here are a few you should know about. read more

  • Employee engagement surveys are a crucial feedback exercise for companies. These surveys measure the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs and are willing to put discretionary effort into their work. Indeed, employee engagement is critical in driving success. read more

  • 360 Degree Feedback is a recognized, comprehensive and effective tool for running performance appraisals at work. This multi - rater feedback provides leaders with powerful insight into what's working for them and what’s not. There are few methods as effective as this survey to gain authentic / real time feedback from the organization as a whole and launch interventions in the right direction. read more

  • An introvert employee is as important for an organisation as any other employee. Introverts have traits that can go a long way in making them productive, organized & focused employees, which automatically translates into business success. Introverts have certain unique qualities that make them a great fit for any workplace. Learn what introverted employees can bring to the table. read more

  • Employee Benefits – 6 ways GST may Impact You!

    The research team at GreenThumbs, one of the best HR firms in India, carried out a study on how the Goods and Services Tax would function in India and laid down the 6 broad ways GST may Impact ones salary & employee benefits. While everyone is trying to understand what will become cheaper or more expensive after GST, another area may undergo a lot of change in the time to come - the Employee Benefits. GST reform may affect how an employment contract will be re-structured and how employers will provide various benefits to employees that they currently do for employee engagement. read more

  • Government of India uses a new age employee assessment tool

    Of the various kinds of reforms the Modi Government has brought about in India's system of Governance; a very unique & interesting one is the introduction of the 360 Degree survey tool as a platform for selection and appraisal of it's officers! This is yet another example that portrays how our Government is moving beyond the old & mundane system of rules towards bringing in a new approach to its work-style. read more

  • The millennials are anything but conventional. Their previous generations took up 8-5 jobs and worked hard for about 40 years, so that they could settle into a quiet and comfortable retirement. Millennials are different. They are the generation of technology addicts and multi-taskers. They like doing things in their own unique ways. While their parents and grandparents craved for security and structure, they value autonomy and independence highly. They prefer creating a balanced equation between their professional and personal lives. read more

  • Job Interviews are feared by many and most of the people, though confident inside, are not able to demonstrate their true worth to the employers. This nerve wracking procedure of selection is tough and you ought to possess something truly special to stand out from the crowd. read more

  • With the growth of technology companies are now finding it easy to conduct talent search amongst a pool of employees and hence can comfortably find the person who would fit into the company culture. Various multi-national corporations are adopting the practice of conducting 'Virtual Interviews' which not only helps them save time but also helps them save resources. This method of interviewing allows the company as well as the candidate to interact using web conferencing software or some instant messaging programs. read more

  • The advent of technology has touched almost all aspects of our lives, including the way we work. Organizations, both big and small, are looking to leverage technology to increase revenues and reduce costs. The HR function has long earned the ire of the business world as a huge cost centre. It was, therefore, a no-brainer for the HR fraternity to look for ways to streamline the most critical of its functions – hiring. read more