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Where to Discover the Best Tech Talent

Where to Discover the Best Tech Talent

Hiring top-notch tech talent can be a difficult task. There are talented individuals everywhere you seem to look, but how can you actually sort the best of the best? Additionally, new educational institutions have popped up over the years and a few existing sources have become even more renowned.

When it comes to discovering the best tech talent, there is now no shortage of sources. Ensuring your company is sourcing from as many places as possible is the best way to keep your eye out for the best talent. Far too often, companies get hung up on recruiting from traditional sources while cutting edge, talented individuals are passed over every single day. Acknowledge the different sources you may be able to recruit talent from and you will have already taken the first step towards building a dynamic and talented staff.

Focus on Trade Schools

Unlike a standard college or university, a trade school features in-depth courses that prepare students for a specific career. Unlike undergraduate or graduate programs, courses can be completed in as little as a year in some cases. Most trade schools offer courses that are all tech-based but range drastically in complexity.

For example, Metis is a highly rated trade school that only features courses in data science and data analytics. Other trade schools offer courses ranging from UX design to software development and with online learning options the choice of what to study is yours. Combine this with the fact that many of these schools offer deferred tuition and it’s easy to see why they are reliable sources of highly-rated tech talented individuals.

Trade school graduates, however, are typically older employees who wish to change up their careers. This means that sourcing from these institutes will result in employees who have some industry experience, but may not have received as extensive an education as your company may be looking for.

Where to Discover the Best Tech Talent

Online Master’s Programs

Over the years, technology has made any form of online learning available to everyone. This has never become more clear than during the recent pandemic where remote learning has become mandatory for many states. Recent reports from edscoop and other sources seem to believe that learning will continue to become more fluid than it is now as we head into the future, which means online programs may be a great source for discovering tech talent.

Students who are wishing to gain extra knowledge beyond their undergraduate years, but who don’t wish to pay exuberant amounts of money to attend an in-person institution, will often enroll in top-level online master’s programs. There are a numerous amount of potential concentrations for a master’s degree, which means there is no shortage of unique tech talent.

Online programs have often received a lot of flack over the years for being less effective than in-person instruction, a claim that has been widely unsubstantiated. Online degree programs are effective courses of instruction that can provide you with talented candidates for any job opening based on tech.

Consider Partnering with Bootcamps

Similar to trade schools, bootcamps have become popular in the last few years. Originally beginning with coding bootcamps in the last decade, these specialized forms of education typically prepare you for a single career and are even quicker than trade schools.

Unlike trade schools, however, students of these bootcamps often have a little experience in the field they are studying given the intensity of their programs. Therefore, this is a great place to source talent that already has experience in the field you are looking to hire for. Coding isn’t the only bootcamp available and there are a number of bootcamps in various tech fields. Partner with the best coding bootcamps and specific educational sources, such as game design colleges, to find unique talent.


There is nothing wrong with sourcing your talent from a traditional source such as a college or university. However, graduates from these institutions often have little to no experience which can make training costs quite high. At the end of the day, technology has made education available to anyone anywhere in the world. Sourcing from just one area closes that potential pool of applicants by a wide margin. Keep your eyes open to the tech-specific educational institutions and you may discover the tech talent you’ve been looking for this year.


1 : What are some non-traditional sources for recruiting top tech talent?

Answer : Non-traditional sources for recruiting top tech talent include trade schools, online master's programs, and specialized bootcamps. These institutions provide focused and intensive courses, often producing graduates with practical, up-to-date skills in specific tech areas. By expanding recruitment to these sources, companies can tap into a diverse pool of candidates with unique and specialized skill sets.

2 : How do trade schools differ from traditional colleges in tech education?

Answer : Trade schools differ from traditional colleges by offering in-depth, career-specific courses that are often shorter in duration. These programs are highly focused on practical skills for specific tech careers, such as data science, UX design, and software development. Graduates from trade schools are typically well-prepared for immediate entry into technical roles due to their hands-on training.

3 : What are the advantages of recruiting tech talent from online master’s programs?

Answer : Recruiting tech talent from online master’s programs has several advantages. These programs attract individuals who seek advanced knowledge and skills beyond their undergraduate education without the high costs of traditional in-person institutions. Graduates from these programs are often well-versed in the latest technologies and methodologies, bringing fresh and updated perspectives to their roles.

4 : Can partnering with bootcamps be an effective strategy in tech talent acquisition?

Answer : Absolutely. Partnering with bootcamps, especially those specialized in areas like coding and game design, can be a highly effective strategy for tech talent acquisition. Bootcamp graduates often possess current, industry-relevant skills and practical experience, making them valuable assets to tech teams. These partnerships can also provide companies with access to a continuous pipeline of motivated and skilled candidates.

5 : What should companies consider when diversifying their tech talent sourcing?

Answer : When diversifying tech talent sourcing, companies should consider the specific skills and expertise required for their projects and roles. It’s important to recognize the unique strengths of candidates from various educational backgrounds, including the practical, hands-on experience from trade schools and bootcamps, and the advanced theoretical knowledge from online master's programs. Additionally, companies should value the diverse perspectives and problem-solving approaches that candidates from non-traditional backgrounds can bring to their teams.

6 : How does recruiting from a mix of educational sources impact a tech team’s dynamics?

Answer : Recruiting from a mix of educational sources can significantly enhance a tech team's dynamics. It brings together a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and diverse problem-solving approaches. This diversity fosters creativity and innovation, as team members can draw from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. Additionally, it can lead to more effective collaboration and a stronger, more versatile team capable of tackling complex tech challenges.