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8 Success Tips For Cracking A Virtual Interview

8 Sure shot ways For Cracking A Virtual Interview

With the growth of technology companies are now finding it easy to conduct talent search amongst a pool of employees and hence can comfortably find the person who would fit into the company culture. Various multi-national corporations are adopting the practice of conducting 'Virtual Interviews' which not only helps them save time but also helps them save resources. This method of interviewing allows the company as well as the candidate to interact using web conferencing software or some instant messaging programs. But as convenient as it becomes for the employer, this process of virtual interview presents numerous challenges for the interviewee. Being in a face to face interaction, one is able to present themselves in a better manner and also the companies are able to carry out a detailed personality assessment, which cannot happen showcase in case of a virtual interview. Also, for some people this system is completely new and all the traditional tips of acing a face to face interview, such as maintaining a solid eye contact, fail during a virtual interview. In the end all they are left with is the hope of doing better the next time. But why not ace it in the first time? GreenThumbs, one of the top 10 talent search firms in India, brings to you, eight tips which can help you in acing a virtual interview.

1. Be all set

Before starting any virtual interview make sure that you have all your devices and gadgets in order. This includes checking your computer’s inbuilt microphone and webcam. Apart from checking your devices you need to ensure that sufficient lighting is present in the room and your video is clear and correct. This cross-checking of devices would help you prevent any glitches during the interview.

2. Be careful of your surroundings

A candidate upon hearing the term ‘virtual interview’ might start taking things a bit too lightly and this might cost him the job he/she has been seeking for years. While appearing for a virtual interview make sure that you either have a blank background or else you have something that depicts your professional nature as well as behaviour. You might say that you are a detail oriented person. However, the tilted poster of your favourite band and your messed up background would just go on to show the interviewer that you are making things up.

3. Don’t Compromise On your Appearance

As mentioned before don’t go too easy just because you have been given the liberty to interview from the comfort of your home. Dress the same way you would dress for a face to face interview. Make yourself look professional. Avoid wearing fancy clothing and bright coloured shirts or T-shirts. You want the interviewer to focus on you not your outfit.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

This might be a little tricky for some, but yes you ought to maintain eye contact with the interviewer for longer than you would in a face-to-face situation. Now some of you might try to look into the eyes of the interviewer however that is one major blunder which most people make. Instead try to look into the camera lens and not at the image of the interviewer. For those who are struggling try practicing this aspect in advance with your friends or family.

5. Keep a positive Posture at all times

While giving your virtual interview make sure that you establish a bond with the interviewer. One way to achieve this is through your positive body language as well as facial expressions. Try to fit in your head and shoulders in the camera view. Also, try and sit steady and speak while leaning forward as this gives an impression of you being interested in the conversation. Make sure that there is always a smile on your face and refrain from looking here and there during the complete interview session.

6. Practice the Virtual Handshake

This is something that goes a long way in helping you establish a positive impression. During a virtual handshake, you don’t need to wave at the interviewer. Instead, you need to nod a 10 degree forward in the interviewer’s direction. You might think of this as a modified version of Japanese bow, but it, in reality, is a warm, professional gesture. As soon as you see the video of the interviewer before striking a conversation greet him with this virtual handshake.

7. Think and Answer

Virtual interviews are one of the best mediums to test a candidate’s composure and calmness. Especially the ones where you need to answer questions randomly thrown by software. Here you are provided with a time limit in which you have to answer and hence most candidates panic while facing such situations. During such one way interviews after reading a question it is okay for you to think a little and then respond in the best possible manner. You can always take a second to streamline your thoughts and hence compose the answer to the questions presented in front of you.

8. Show the Real you

You can consider virtual interviews as the online dating of the corporate world. The interviewer wants to know most about you in as little time as he can. Therefore, try and present the real you. Don’t try to fake it. Instead of being what the company is looking for, try to be the real you and let the company decide whether it wants you or not.

Finally, there are numerous recruiting firms and talent search firms in India which are now screening candidates by virtual interviews. Some of the top consultants even coach candidates and make them ready for acing virtual interview sessions. For example, the Navigator premium job search concierge service provided by GreenThumbs is a comprehensive job search assistance program for job seekers and interview coaching is a big part of it.


1 : Why are virtual interviews becoming popular in the hiring process?

Answer : Virtual interviews have gained popularity due to technological advancements, allowing companies to efficiently conduct talent searches. This method offers a convenient way to interact using web conferencing software, saving time and resources.

2 : What challenges do candidates face in virtual interviews?

Answer : Virtual interviews present challenges for candidates, as the absence of face-to-face interactions hinders detailed personality assessments. It requires candidates to adapt to a new format, where traditional tips may not apply, impacting their ability to present themselves effectively.

3 : How can candidates prepare for a virtual interview from a technical standpoint?

Answer : Before a virtual interview, candidates should ensure all devices and gadgets are in order. Checking the computer's microphone and webcam, ensuring sufficient lighting, and preventing glitches during the interview are essential technical preparations.

4 : What are the key aspects of maintaining a positive impression during a virtual interview?

Answer : Candidates should focus on their surroundings, opting for a professional background or a blank one. Additionally, they should dress professionally, maintain eye contact by looking into the camera lens, and exhibit positive body language and facial expressions.

5 : How can candidates enhance their performance in virtual interviews?

Answer : Candidates can follow specific tips to ace virtual interviews, such as practicing the virtual handshake, maintaining a positive posture, and taking a moment to think before responding to questions. Authenticity is crucial, as virtual interviews allow candidates to showcase the real version of themselves.